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Consult A Pharmacist

At Costco, our pharmacists can advise on health-related questions and give medication reviews – be sure to ask when filling your prescription.


Ask us.

Head to the Costco pharmacist counter for individualised advice on which vitamins would be best for you.

Pharmacy Services

Costco’s pharmacy offers a range of services.


Visit to have your prescription medication dispensed, receive medication advice, medicine usage reviews, vaccinations and prescription reminders.


We even offer falls prevention and long term condition services, smoking cessation, antibiotic treatment for UTIs, vitamin B12 injections, and blister packs and a monitored medication service.


Members can also take advantage of blood pressure monitoring, the emergency contraceptive pill, selected oral contraceptives, trimethoprim dispensing, WINZ and other reports, sildenafil dispeninsing, and medication information leaflets.