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Kirkland Signature

The brand you can trust

It’s been nearly 20 years since the first Kirkland Signature products were introduced into Costco warehouses. As our own, private label brand, we’re proud to say it’s achieved its goal—to offer our members unique value with high quality products at incredibly low prices.

Our philosophy

The philosophy we have in mind when designing and creating our Kirkland Signature products is to ensure that each item meets or exceeds the quality of comparable items from other major national brands. So, when you buy Kirkland Signature, you know you’ll get an item that’s at least as good as market leading brands.

The products

Costco’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Craig Jelinek, acknowledges that "we’ll always be known for name brands such as Michelin and Sony," but “we’ll continue to augment our product offerings with our own Kirkland Signature items".
Currently, around 20% of the products we stock are Kirkland Signature. You’ll notice a whole range of things, including men’s dress shirts, laundry detergent, pet food, toilet paper, cookware, olive oil and garden furniture.
Having our own brand allows us to develop new products to add to existing categories, giving us the capacity to introduce competition and reduce the prices of comparable international brands. We can even create new products that better respond to our members’ needs.

The future

We trust that our goal to offer incredible value through our Kirkland Signature products will be a great asset to our brand’s longevity. As Costco's Senior Vice President of Fresh Foods, Jeff Lyons, says, "we're constantly looking at Kirkland Signature items, revisiting them with an eye to making them better".
On your next visit, keep an eye out for Kirkland Signature—compare our products to the brand name counterpart to see the difference for yourself!