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Introducing Multi‑Factor Authentication to Your Online Account

What is Multi‑Factor Authentication?

Part of our effort at Costco New Zealand to enhance your security and keep you protected is to phase in a mandatory Multi‑Factor Authentication process. All members will eventually be required to log in with their username and password, plus provide another form of identification such as phone or email verification to confirm it's you.

What Changes?

From 22 February 2023, you are required to set up Multi‑Factor Authentication whenever you encounter one of the following scenarios:

  • When you sign into your Online Account,
  • renewing your membership,
  • purchasing a new membership,
  • saving a new form of payment method in My Account or during checkout
  • or when you switch on auto renewal from My Account.

After selecting your preferred method of verification, the Multi‑Factor Authentication process will be activated the next time you sign in. At your next sign‑in, you will be prompted to enter a one‑time code that will be sent to your mobile phone or email address.