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Costco Shop Card

Check Shop Card Cash Balance*

*Can only be used to check the balance of a Shop Card issued at the New Zealand warehouse.


Costco Shop Card benefits:

Gift to non-members

Also a great way for Business members to enable their staff to shop.

No expiration date

No need to worry about spending your balance before a deadline.

Shop Card value

Tailor it to your needs, with a minimum value of $25 and maximum of $999.99.

New Zealand wide

Use the Shop Card in all New Zealand warehouses now!



Shop Cards can only be purchased in a warehouse by current members.

New Zealand Shop Cards can only be used in New Zealand and Australian warehouses, excluding all fuel stations and any eCommerce transactions.



Members can request refunds on the items purchased using their Shop Card as usual: all items are recorded under their membership profile, so receipts aren’t necessary.

Purchase history isn’t recorded for non-members, so receipts must be presented for proof of purchase.


Balance transfers and merges

Members can request a balance transfer when reporting a lost, stolen or damaged card. To do this, the member must visit the warehouse and notify a supervisor or manager, who will get a new shop card and call member care to move the balance. Our staff will transfer the funds from the original card to the new card, which will activate the new card and render the original card inactive.

To merge funds from multiple cards onto one, contact the warehouse. Keep in mind that this is only possible if both Shop Cards are active and were purchased by the same member.


New Zealand Costco Shop Cards Terms and Conditions

1. Application

Your purchase or use of a Costco Shop Card constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. As the Shop Card is a gift product, you may gift a Costco Shop Card that you purchase to another person or permit another person to use your Costco Shop Card (including a non-member of Costco).

Any other person who uses a Costco Shop Card purchased by you will also be bound by these terms and conditions. References to “you” in these terms and conditions means the person who purchased and any person who is gifted or uses a Costco Shop Card.

You cannot reload your Costco Shop Card or obtain a refund of any unused card balance.

2. Changes to these terms and conditions

Costco may amend these terms and conditions from time to time by uploading the revised terms and conditions to the link at the bottom of the home page. The changes will automatically apply from the date they are uploaded to the website. However, we will provide reasonable notice on our website if the changes are likely to be material to you.

3. Purchasing your Costco Shop Card

You must be a Costco member to purchase a Costco Shop Card.

4. Purchase Limit of Costco Shop Cards

The total value of all Costco Shop Cards that you purchase must not exceed NZ$4,999.99 at any one time. Costco reserves the right to not permit you to purchase a Costco Shop Card if Costco, in its reasonable opinion, considers the purchase would breach this purchase limit.

5. Value Limit of Costco Shop Card

Costco Shop Cards are available for purchase in any denomination from NZ$25 to NZ$999.99.

The maximum possible available balance on your Costco Shop Card (“Available Balance”) is NZ$999.99 (“the Card Limit”). This means that you can only make purchases with your Costco Shop Card of up to the Card Limit.

6. Card purchases

You may use your Costco Shop Card to purchase merchandise, services and Costco memberships at any Costco warehouse location in New Zealand or Australia subject to the below.

Your Costco Shop Card cannot be used:

  • to purchase petrol from Costco;
  • for any online purchases of Costco products;
  • to pay any amount owing on a Costco business account; or
  • to withdraw or receive cash, .

7. Use of your Costco Shop Card in Australia

You may use your Costco Shop Card to purchase goods or services at a Costco warehouse location in Australia. If you do so, the Australian dollar purchase amount will be converted into New Zealand dollars by Costco’s shop card service provider based on an internal exchange rate table determined by Costco at the time of sale and that sum will be deducted from the Available Balance on your Costco Shop Card.

8. Expiry of your Costco Shop Card

Your Costco Shop Card has no expiration date.

10. Lost or stolen Costco Shop Card

You should retain the original purchase receipt for your Costco Shop Card in a safe place.

If your Costco Shop Card is lost, stolen or you are aware it has been used without your consent, you must notify Costco immediately by visiting a Costco warehouse location in New Zealand or using the contact details set out below.

You should look after your Costco Shop Card. Costco is not obliged to replace your Costco Shop Card if it is lost or stolen and Costco is not responsible for any unauthorised use of your Costco Shop Card.

If you have retained your original purchase receipt any remaining value on a lost / stolen cash card may, at the sole discretion of Costco, be transferred to a new Costco Shop Card.

11. Faulty Costco Shop Card

A Costco Shop Card will be deemed to be faulty where it fails to function as a result of an inherent manufacturing defect or other technical fault or defect.

If your Costco Shop Card is damaged or faulty you will need to return it to any Costco New Zealand warehouse location with a description of how the fault or damage occurred. Costco has the sole discretion to replace a faulty or damaged Costco Shop Card with a new card and transfer the Available Balance from the faulty or damaged Costco Shop Card.

12. Cancelling your Costco Shop Card

Costco will cancel your Costco Shop Card, at your written request, subject to you returning your Costco Shop Card to a Costco warehouse location in New Zealand.

Costco may, at any time and for any reason, cancel your Costco Shop Card.

If we, or you, cancel a Costco Shop Card, Costco may, at its sole discretion, transfer the available balance to a new card (if, for example, your card has been stolen or lost).

13. Selling or transferring your Costco Shop Card

You cannot on-sell or transfer your Costco Shop Card to a third party without Costco’s prior written consent.

14. Costco Shop Card balance

When you make a purchase using your Costco Shop Card, your available balance (being the amount left on your card for use) will be reduced by the amount of that purchase.

Your available balance will also be displayed at the point of sale (which will be in New Zealand dollars if you are using it in a New Zealand warehouse location or in Australian dollars if you are using it in an Australian warehouse location).

15. Returning items purchased using Costco Shop Card

If you return any goods, you may be entitled to a refund in accordance with our returns policy. If the goods were purchased using your Costco Shop Card, the value of the goods will be refunded to a replacement Costco Shop Card.

We note that purchase history is not recorded for non-members, so receipts must be presented for proof of purchase.

16. Interest

No interest is payable to you on your available balance on your Costco Shop Card.

17. Funds

No funds are held by Costco for you or on your behalf in connection with the purchase, or use, of a Costco Shop Card.

18. Privacy

Costco does not collect personal information from or about you in relation to your Costco Shop Card. However, if Costco collects personal information about you for any other reason, Costco’s Privacy Policy will apply (see

19. Liability

To the extent permitted by law, Costco excludes any liability for indirect or consequential loss and Costco’s liability to you in connection with these terms and conditions and/or your Costco Shop Card is limited to the available balance on your Costco Shop Card at the time of the claim, unless such liability is directly due to the fraud or willful breach by Costco.

20. Contact us

If you have any questions, compliments or complaints in relation to your Costco Shop Card, please contact us at your local warehouse or by email to

21. General

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, Costco is a reference to Costco Wholesale New Zealand Limited (NZ Business Number 9429046946775).

We may assign or transfer our rights or obligations under these terms and conditions without your consent.

These terms constitute the entire agreement between us, and supersede all prior communications, representations or agreements between us, in relation to the Costco Shop Card.

If any of these terms are held to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal for any reason, that term shall be deemed deleted and the remainder of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

These terms and conditions are governed by New Zealand law and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.

Last Updated: 20 October, 2022