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Gold Star Membership New Signup - $60.00

Step 1: Membership Privileges & Conditions

Gold Star Membership New Signup - $60.00

Step 2:
Personal Information

Required Fields

New Membership

Please fill out the application to purchase your Costco membership. An application form will be provided for each membership in your shopping cart. Your membership number will be emailed to you immediately.

Each member will need to stop by the membership counter to pick up their new card. Please bring a copy of this page with your photo identification.

Business Section

Personal within Household - Optional (Free)

One (1) free card is available to the membership owner's spouse, domestic partner or immediate family member over the age of 18 and living at the same address.

Household card holders will be asked to present proof that they live at the same address as the membership owner.

My Contact Preferences

Your name, postal address, email address, membership number, status and type will be shared with selected partners so they may qualify you for special offers.

Your choice to opt in will not apply to others listed on your account.